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Best Mail Order Cookies: How to get Levain Bakery Cookies even if you don’t live in NYC

August 22, 2008

Pining for a Levain cookie fix?

Some cookie aficionados residing outside the NYC area have no idea that even they can enjoy our cookies by mail order.

  • Our monstrous, decadent cookies that our neighborhood regulars buy right here on the Upper Westside and in Wainscott are available to everyone, not just locals. If you get UPS packages then you can get our cookies.
  • Same cookies, shipped to order as a gift to yourself or a gift for someone else. (they’ll LOVE you, really, you’ll get hints dropped every time a birthday, holiday or occasion rolls around).

Here’s how you get Levain Bakery cookies if you are not near our shops:

Beyond our storefront bakery lies Cookies By Mail! All fresh baked and packed to order, for you in one of our shops. Check out www.levainbakery.com for all the shipping options and details.

We give them as gifts ourselves, so we can attest to their potency. Your gift recipients will love you for it.

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