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How to eat a Levain cookie? My opinion.

November 19, 2011

How to Eat a cookie

Photo by: Emily Krzan

Although this is a question we don’t get asked often, it is much debated everywhere.
Yes, there is something magical to eating a warm cookie, still so hot and gooey. 
However, personally, I think that you miss something of the experience if you eat a cookie when it is too hot.  The chips and insides stay warm, soft and melted for hours so, if you can be patient, I believe that you will have a much more satisfying experience.
My favorite time to eat a cookie is actually the following day but if I am pressed for time I will often refrigerate or briefly freeze my cookie for my optimum pleasure.  (We do not advise refrigerating!  Refrigerating long term will dry your cookies out and make them hard.  Do freeze if you want to keep your cookies fresh long term.)
When you eat a cookie hot out of the oven, it is barely even finished baking.  We do have some customers who have enjoyed eating them with a spoon!  And then other’s who express “worry about salmonella”.  No fears, our cookies are fully baked, but until they are completely cool, they are not fully set and, therefore, still gooey in the middle.  If you allow your cookie to cool you will avoid that totally mushy inside but maintain that delicious, almost but not quite, cookie dough-ish texture.
Of course this is just one opinion.

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